Kverneland New Stepwise Ploughs: Models 2300 S and 3300 S

New Generation of Kverneland Mounted Reversible Ploughs     Higher Ploughing Performance and Safer Transport

Ploughing is an essential step towards high yields and revenue. It is an efficient method for seedbed preparation. It controls weeds, slugs and pest. This is an environment-friendly alternative to chemicals. Ploughing unlocks the full potential of your soils by creating the optimal conditions for plant growth: the ideal balance of air-humus-water content.

Following the success of the Kverneland New Generation ploughs 2300 S Variomat® and 3300 S Variomat®, their stepwise versions are launched: models 2300 S and 3300 S. The design follows the Kverneland brand values: robust, easy to set for high ploughing performance. Fitted with innovations that count, from transport to the perfect ploughed field; they are adapted to modern farming.

Safer transport (TTS option)
Fitted with the Trailer Transport Solution (TTS), the plough behaves just like a trailer behind a car. It maximises safety for the driver and for anyone or anything around. The pivot point of tractor and plough combination is located in the middle. Therefore, there is no tilting out.

Another advantage is the quick and easy setting. It takes only 1 minute to set the plough from transport to ploughing and vice versa.

Higher ploughing performance

  • Aero-profile legs – optimised soil flow

To optimise ploughing in any conditions, the aero-profile design of the legs and the 80 cm under beam clearance improve the soil flow in high residue conditions. Avoiding possible blockages increases the productivity and the ploughing performance.

These robust legs are pre-shaped to limit welding and hence weaknesses. As any Kverneland Auto-reset legs, these remain hollow to optimise the plough weight, lift requirements, pulling forces and hence minimise fuel consumption.

  • Smart leaf spring system – adapted to soil conditions

The Auto-reset system uses leaf-springs. The releasing pressure can easily be adapted to the soil conditions by removing or adding 1 leaf spring. Only 2 bolts to unscrew by hand. This mechanical leg protection system is maintenance free. No possible leakage. Bodies release independently one to another. They return to the exact depth to guarantee a good ploughing performance.

  • Unique skimmer adjustments – adjustable at will

Skimmers play an essential role in the placement of residues within the soil profile. For this, you can easily adjust the skimmer angle via 1 bolt only. Manure and maize skimmers plus trash boards are available.

Not least, changing the working depth of skimmers is made quick and easy via a central adjustment: right and left working depth adjust simultaneously. These easy settings enable a perfect ploughing.

Disc coulters, plain and notched in 18” (45 cm) and 20” (50 cm), can equip any Kverneland ploughs.

  • Unique memory cylinder - limit triangles at head land

At headlands the ins and outs can be reduced to the minimum with the hydraulic wheel. The defined ploughing depth remains correct after reversal via the Kverneland unique memory cylinder. It bears lots of agronomic benefits: by limiting the triangles at headlands and hence their double ploughing, weeds are better controlled, the headlands are flatter and the seedbed is of a higher quality.

  • Rear mounted wheels

The wheel is positioned on the rear for the best stability of the plough and hence for the best ploughing performance.

At headlands, the “Swivel“ movement of the wheel offers a smooth reversal for the maximum comfort of the driver. The wheels are adjustable mechanically or hydraulically.

  • Working width changes

Depending on soil conditions, speed and plant residues, changing the working width helps achieve the best ploughing results. It is easily done by moving only 1 bolt on each leg assembly.

“For farmers with mostly consistent soil conditions or with no need to change the working width on the move, choosing a stepwise adjustable plough is a cost-efficient alternative compared to ploughs with the Variomat system. All possibilities to adapt the working width to the expected ploughing result are kept, anyway” says Markus Brinkopp-Rode, Product Application Specialist, Kverneland Klepp, Norway.

The Kverneland 2300 S is available in 3 versions to suit your farming conditions:

Interbody clearance Working width (cm) Working width (inches) Number of furrows



85 cm 30-35-40-45 12-18” 3-5 25-45
100 cm 30-35-40-45-50 12-20” 3-5 25-45
115 cm 35-40-45-50-55 14-22” 3-4 25-45


The Kverneland 3300 S suits bigger tractors and is offered in 2 versions:

Interbody clearance Working width (cm) Working width (inches) Number of furrows



85 cm 30-35-40-45 12-18” 4-6 30-55
100 cm 30-35-40-45-50 12-20” 4-6 30-55


For comparison, the Kverneland 2300 S is recommended for up to 225HP and the 3300 S model up to 330HP (30-55HP/Furrow)

For extra agronomical benefits, the Kverneland 2300 S and 3300 S can be equipped with the Packomat, packer arm or Kverneland packers for an economical and efficient soil re-consolidation.
Kverneland new generation mounted reversible ploughs specifications

Kverneland Model Number of Furrows


for x Furrows




2300 S


3-5 3-5 85-100-115
2300 S Variomat 3-5 3-4 85-100

3300 S


4-6 4-6 85-100
3300 S Variomat 4-6 4-6 85-100

3400 S (*)


5-6-7 (**) 85-100
3400 S Variomat (*) 5-6-7 (**) 85-100

 “S” = Auto-reset system for tough and/or Stony conditions

(*) 5-7 furrows for 85 cm interbody clearance, 5-6 furrows for 100 cm interbody clearance

(**) Kverneland packer arm and packers available only

Kverneland will continue developing ploughs adapted to modern farming while keeping settings quick and easy from transport to high ploughing performance.