Kverneland Disc Spreaders introduced to the Irish Market

The Kverneland Disc Spreader range is now available from your Kverneland Dealer.

Kverneland Disc Spreaders introduced to the Irish Market

Kverneland Group Ireland are introducing the Kverneland Exacta Disc Spreader range the Irish Market.

 “The Kverneland Exacta range starts from the EL model with hydraulic controls and hopper capacity from 700 - 1400 litres, through to the CL with hydraulic controls and capacity from 1,000 – 2,000 ltrs to the top of range TLX GEOSPREAD, with GEOCONTROL, (GPS controlled section and variable rate control), and high speed precision spreading with a working width from 24 to 45 meters and a hopper capacity from 1,500 to 3,900 litres.

We feel the time is right to complete the Kverneland portfolio with top quality disc spreaders under the Kverneland quality assurance” says Leonard Hovenden, Kverneland Product Manager.




Centreflow animation

The Centreflow mechanism maintains a central release point, with smooth acceleration ensuring the fertiliser granules reaches disc speed before it reaches the vanes. This means the granules are not damaged by the spreading vanes and therefore the spreading pattern is not affected by damaged fertiliser.

Perfect Spreading Pattern with 8 vanes per disc - Large 8 vanes per disc discs allow 9m to 54m spread widths with double overlap spreading pattern giving maximum accuracy. The 8 vanes per disc ration ensure a continuous flow of fertiliser to the field. This is important when driving at higher speeds and spreading larger quantities

 Minimal wind influence, maximum tolerance - Flat discs guarantee a horizontal spreading pattern even in windy circumstances.

 Consistent spreading pattern - The double overlap spreading pattern results in a homogeneous spreading result

 Guaranteed accuracy on slopes - The fertiliser always interacts with the vanes at the same point, even on slopes, and the granules travels the complete length of the vane.  So an inclination of the spreader does not affect the release point of the fertiliser on the disc and from the vane, so accuracy is not affected on slopes.


The GEOSPREAD system does section control with sections of only 1 metre ensuring unnecessary overlap is set to an absolute minimum. The 4 load cells and reference sensor on the GEOSPREAD are important features as with section control accurate weighing is essential. The total benefit of GEOSPREAD combined with speed related spreading and GEOPOINT headland management can be up to 15%. This can be achieved by saving fertiliser and better yields, because of no unnecessary overlap. GEOSPREAD spreaders are ISOBUS compatible and AEF certified. You can operate the spreader in combination with the IsoMatch Tellus PRO, IsoMatch Tellus GO+ or any other ISOBUS compatible tractor terminal.


The complete range of IM Farming accessories, Kverneland precision smart farming solutions are available for the range.

  • IsoMatch Terminals – complete range – Tellus Pro and Tellus GO+
  • IsoMatch Global GPS receiver
  • IsoMatch Inline Lightbar – manual guidance
  • IsoMatch Grip – in cab joystick controls
  • IsoMatch Eye & Multi Eye – single and multiple cameras