Whatever Your Mowing Needs -We’ve Got You Covered

Kverneland features a complete range of plain mowers with working widths ranging from 1.66-9.50m. So whatever you need to optimise your harvesting system, we have got a machine custom-built for that.

Whatever Your Mowing Needs  -We’ve Got You Covered


Kverneland 5000 M Series – Maximising Efficiency, Growing Profitability

Butterfly solutions in 8.7-9.5m working widths, run with tractors from 140hp. With integrated parking device for compact vertical storage and available with on-the-go hydraulic ground pressure setting.

Kverneland 2800 M, Centre mounted disc mower, tractors with 40 hp

Kverneland 2800 M Series – Simple Design, Quality Output

Centre pivot suspended 2.8-4.0m machines with excellent flotation for limited skid wear and maximum protection of stubble. Available with hydraulic on-the-go adjustment of ground pressure.

Kverneland 2800 FS,  first front disc mower with an actively driven swath former

Kverneland 2800 F/FS Series - When Looking for Sophisticated Performance

Front mounted 2.8-3.2m mowers characterised by outstanding ground following ability, easy operation and low weight. Designed for a 640mm vertical and 17˚ horisontal adaptation range.  FS model features unique actively driven swath former. 

KVERNELAND 2624 M - 2628 M - 2632 M, low power requierments, easy handling and high outputs

Kverneland 2600 M Series – Flexible Suspension, Easy Operation

2.4-3.2m mowers designed with a very flexible suspension for outstanding ground following. The linkage enables mowing on steep angles or in hilly conditions.

Kverneland 2500 H, hydraulic suspension and direct drive cutterbar for improved performance on field

Kverneland 2500 MH Series – Quality mowing, Hydraulic Suspension

Centre mounted plain disc mowers with hydraulic centre suspension supporting fast adaptation and equal ground pressure across the entire 3.2-4.0m working width.

KVERNELAND 2316 M - 2320 M - 2324 M, side mounted disc mowers build compact for smaller tractors

Kverneland 2300 M Series – Compact Design, Reliable Performance

Designed for smaller mowing operations, these 1.65-2.4m working width machines are perfect for farmers looking for compact mowers with low power requirements.

4. February 2019

Kverneland Group Ireland Finance

Kverneland Group Ireland Finance

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