Turn around Soil Packer

Additional crumbler roller for crumbling

The Turn around Packer (TP) is the combination of a Single or Double packer with a crumbler roller. This combination, re-consolidates the ploughed soil to preserve the soil moisture and limits a potential erosion by crumbling the top soil layer.

Kverneland soil packers suit different soils conditions.


  • environmentally friendly: mechanical weed control
  • time saving and cost efficient: reduced number of operations
  • best way to get an early germination
  • reduces problem associated to post-drilling droughts
  • fine seedbed preparation and levelling (550 mm notched crumble rings)
  • easy turning process
  • extendable
  • self-cleaning with integrated scrappers


  • Standard drawbar with brackets
  • Telescopic drawbar with saddle bracket for transport
  • Transport wheels with mechanical handling
  • Lightning kit