Kverneland ts-drill

The Kverneland tine seeder – the cost-efficient alternative

The Kverneland tine-seeder ts-drill has been designed to work in extreme conditions i. e. in dry and wet soil. Established in conventional tillage after the plough, it is also perfect for reduced tillage. Straight coulter tips are available to meet the different requirements.

The Kverneland ts-drill carries out cultivation and sowing in one pass. The 5 rows of passive tools are set in offset configuration and allow operation at high working speed. The large hopper capacity of 1700 litres reduces the set-up time. Due to the optimized position of the hopper, the centre of gravity is close to the tractor.

Especially in extreme conditions, for example, humid soil or high straw residues, the advantages of the ts-drill become evident. In a single pass, the auto-reset tines take care of tilling and seeding, which in turn reduces soil compaction whilst saving fuel and time.

Due to the floating wing sections of the ts-drill with 5.00m and 6.00m working width, the ts-drill works fine on slopes or uneven ground. The central position of the landwheels within the main frame adapts perfectly to the ground contours thus ensuring an even depth control. The seeding depth is adjusted with no need of tools.

The Advantages:

  • Versatile: ready for conventional and conservation tillage systems
  • Ready for extreme conditions as humid soil or high crop residues
  • Reliable performance due to well-proven ts-drill tines of high quality spring steel & Kverneland leaf-spring auto-reset overload protection
  • Excellent ground countour following due to the wheels mounted in the centre
  • Operator-friendly with excellent overview
  • Complete control of the machines from the tractor cab on the move
  • Environment-friendly with a close centre of gravity saving fuel

Model Working width
Hopper capacity
ts-drill 4.8 / 5.0 / 5.6 / 6.0 1350
1630 - 1980

Five rows of tines

  • The intelligent arrangement of  the seeding tines over five rows allows the ts-drill to place the seeds accurately into the seedbed, even in conditions with high amounts of crop residues. The symmetrical distribution of the rear row of tines ensures excellent seed depth and levelling. The ts-drill can be ordered with tine spacings of 12.5 or 15cm. 
  • The seeding tines of the ts-drill are made of high quality spring steel fitted with the Kverneland leaf-spring autoreset overload protection. To ensure the free flow of crop residues through the machine, the tines are arranged in an off-set configuration over five rows.
  • The special design of the tines reduce the tractor power requirement and ensure uniform seed depth placement. Also in extremely humid and sticky soils, the ts-drill ensures perfect seeding results.
  • Tines in front of the landwheel ― stable running under all conditions
  • A tine in front of each landwheel levels the soil and ensures an even and steady running of the ts-drill - a prerequisite for the depth control of the seed placement with tine seeders. Due to the new design of the ts-drill, seeding can be carried out in a crossways direction to the previous cultivation operations.   

Wheel Equipment

Equipped with the largest profile wheels of all machines in its class (11.5/80-15.3 10PR), the ts-drill offers significant advantages. The large diameter wheels of the ts-drill run smoothly and easily. The tyre pressure (approximately one bar) ensures the “footprint” of the machine being significantly reduced. Deep wheelings are avoided whilst the seed bed is protected against compaction.

The seeding depth is adjusted, without the need of any tools by using spacers on the wheels mounted in the centre of the main frame. This guarantees that the ts-drill will adapt perfectly to the ground contours and the sowing depth is simply more precise.

Following Harrow and Press Wheel

  • Effective seed covering after sowing is ensured by the twin row precision following harrow section as standard equipment.
  • The special design of the tines allows even high quantities of damp plant residues to pass through the harrow without blocking.
  • The harrow pressure and its aggressiveness can be adjusted via the spring pressure adjustment and the angle of the harrow bar.
  • As an option, the ts-drill can be equipped with a one-row V-harrow and press wheels. This offers the possibility of applying additional pressure. If the seed press wheels are not required due to very humid conditions, they can be completely lifted.

Pneumatic System - ELDOS

  • The metering device ELDOS accurately measures the required volume of seed by the distinctive rotor and discharges it into the seed injector where is is mixed with the air stream and then conveyed through the diffusor tube and the seed delivery hoses to the coulters. 
  • The distribution head is mounted in a protected position inside the seed hopper.

ELDOS - the metering device

  • ELDOS is electric driven by e-com and is fully ISOBUS compatible.
  • GEOCONTROL by GPS signal is possible which avoids double seeding.
  • Special sensors ensure functionality from the tractor cab.
  • Five standard rotors are delivered: for fine and large seeds or fertiliser.
  • The exchange of the rotors is quickly and easily done without any tools.
  • Application rates from 1 to 400kg/ha are possible (depending on working speed and width).
  • The metering device is always easily accessible. 


  • Very simple calibration test due to the separate seed guidance.
  • A remote control allows the driver to operate the calibration process at the metering device.  
  • No gear has to be adjusted. The driver simply enters the desired values into the terminal, presses one button to start at the metering device and that’s it.
  • The calibration is done automatically.
  • A calibration flap with an integrated gate prevents any seed from dropping into the hose.

ts-drill - Electronic Control

For the electronic control of the ts-drill, a whole range of steering systems is available

Focus 3
Focus 3 is the new terminal steering the e-bas system which features hopper low level sensor, various tramline systems, information about ha, km/h monitoring of fan speed, pre-emergence marker, seed rate adjustments. Focus 3 is not ISOBUS compatible. 

IsoMatch Tellus GO
The multifunctional one-screen terminal has been developed for fast and simple control of all ISOBUS implements, giving the farmer a ‘customer made’ experience as it suits all needs for plain and efficient handling of farming machinery and tasks. IsoMatch Tellus GO is the farmer’s first step into Precision Farming. With the easy to use application, IsoMatch GEOCONTROL, it is possible to boost efficiency and save time and costs. The application includes Manual Guidance, Section Control and Variable Rate.

IsoMatch Tellus PRO

  • Two ISOBUS interfaces in one terminal
  • Multifunctional ergonomic design
  • ISOBUS Shortcut Button (ICB)

With this new terminal you can work all the way as a PRO. The maximum working range for the task controller IsoMatch GEOCONTROL is increased from 2 km to maximum 10 km from the starting point. Thus even extremely big fields are handled in a full professional way. The new high brightness screen increases operator comfort. Visibility is increased during the day and dimmed to just a glowing display in dark conditions.