Kverneland Sprayer Range – Building on Solid Experience, Ready for the Future

Kverneland has been one of the pioneers in sprayer development for more than 50 years

Kverneland has been one of the pioneers in sprayer development for more than 50 years. The company has been building experience over these years, with early focus on the environment, ISOBUS compatibility and electronics. Today, Kverneland has a new and high tech, full sprayer range available, including front mounted, rear mounted, trailed and self-propelled sprayers that fulfil the requirements of spraying, as every crop deserves the best care.

Precise, Easy and Cost Effective Spraying
Kverneland sprayers are being developed in close cooperation with farmers as one of the main stakeholders and therefore designed for precise, easy and cost effective spraying. High precision spraying is an important factor. The Kverneland sprayer technology ensures that the spraying job is done with the highest possible efficiency. Our in-house developed electronic solutions are an example that assists the operator in maximising his output, but still keeping new features easy to work with. It guarantees a cut back of waste, reduction of input costs and minimises the impact on the environment.

In-house Development of Electronic Solutions
Kverneland sprayer electronics offer a wide range of controls that may suit each farmer demands. The complete Kverneland sprayer range (except the iXter A mounted sprayer) can be delivered as ISOBUS compatible sprayers, which means easy plug and play with any AEF certified terminal. The Kverneland sprayers are developed for optimal crop protection with environmental focus. Specific features make the sprayers easy to fill exactly and clean thoroughly to save costs and minimise the impact on the environment at the same time. We are ready for the future!