Feeding Equipment

Bale Choppers - Feeders

KV 864 028

Kverneland 863 - 864

Trailed bale chopper/feeders with 3.0 & 4.2m3 loading capacity.

Bale Choppers - Feeders, Kverneland 852, made for working with straw, carry two bales in one go, easy loading of bales

Kverneland 852

Mounted bale chopper developed for working with straw for bedding purposes.

Kverneland 853

The Multi Purpose Machine for Bedding and Feeding

Bale Choppers - Feeders, Kverneland 853, high blowing performance during operation, also a strong package of new features

Kverneland 853 Pro - 856 Pro

Blockage Free Dosing and High Blowing Performance 

Diet Feeders Vertical Augers