Kverneland CLI

Short-mounted single beam subsoiler

Subsoiling is an essential operation within long-term soil management to ensure a good soil structure, root growth and increased yield stability.

Visible strips showing erratic emergence of the germinating seed are a common problem. Often this is the consequence of over-compacted subsoil at the headlands and/or in the tramlines caused by the use of heavy implements or working on waterlogged soil. The roots of the crop cannot penetrate compacted zones. This leads to an insufficient supply of water and nutrients resulting in significant loss in yield. Subsoiling breaks up compaction in the subsoil, restores the gaseous exchange capability, and is thus the first step towards successful germination and seed emergence.

The single-beam concept of the Kverneland CLI subsoiler provides the most robust rational design, allowing an underbeam clearance of 1175mm, to guarantee operation without jamming at depths from 15 to 40cm. The oversized beam of 200x200x10 is fitted with all the tine brackets and any optional front and rear linkages.

The curved tine of the CLI acts by lifting up the soil volume without disrupting the surface. Exercising vertical and steady pressure while maintaining good vibration capacity intensifies the cracking of the soil.

The Advantages:

  • High underbeam clearance for optimum operation
  • Curved tines lifting up the soil without producing clods on the surface
  • Shearbolt safety system rocking to the front to avoid soil loosening tines going in the power harrow trough
  • Rear linkage moving up and down to get maximum clearance in work and compact combination in transport
  • Strong one piece main frame to carry heavy drill combinations

CLI No. of tines Working width (m) Weight (kg) Power requirement (kW/hp)
  4 3.0 800 75/100
  6 3.0 1000 100/140
  6 4.0 1100 100/140
  8 4.0 1300 135/180