Control of Material Flow

Besides the features shared with the standard 863, 863 Pro also includes hydraulic activation of shredder rotor, hydraulic comb and top guard, all adding to easier control and more productivity.  

  • With the hydraulic belt clutch solution the shredder rotor can be run independently from the flywheel and can be disengaged when starting up the flywheel. This allows the flywheel to go to full speed before the shredder rotor is activated and starts feeding material into the flywheel housing.
  • The operator will enjoy the new hydraulic comb that is controlled from the tractor cab. It is an efficient tool to control the flow of material into the flywheel, to avoid blocking flywheel and chute. Especially when feeding loosing material like clamp silage it proves to be a valuable feature.
  • The top guard reduces spillage and ensures material stays inside the bale chamber. It efficiently guides material towards the shredders.