Tedders, 3pt mounted - Kverneland 8460 - 8480, compact tedders for hay making

Kverneland 8460-8480

Compact tedders with 6.05 and 8.05m working width - ideal for hay making.

Tedders, 3pt mounted - Kverneland 8568-8576-8590, Maintenance-free, ProLine gearboxes

Kverneland 8555-8568-8576-8590-85112

New Generation of Heavy Duty Mounted Tedders - strong driveline - compact transport dimensions 

5.50, 6.80, 7.60, 9.00m and 11.2m working width

Tedders, 3pt mounted - Kverneland 8446 - 8452T - 8452, compact tedders with low maintenance

Kverneland 8446-8452 T-8452 Tedders

Compact tedders with low maintenance and 4.60-5.20m working width

Trailed Rotary Tedders

edders, Trailed - Kverneland 8583T - 85111 T, tidy in transportation, strong design with high performance

Kverneland 8583 T - 85111 T high capacity trailed tedders

Trailed tedder with 8.30m and 11.00m working width combining high performance with low power requirements

Carrier Frame Tedders

Tedders, Trailed - Kverneland 8590 C - 85112 C, smaller tractors, smart transport and reliable performance on field

Kverneland 8590 C - 85112 C (NEW)

Mounted tedder with transport running gear

 9.0 and 11.2 m working width

Tedders, Trailed - KVERNELAND 85140 C, run hydraulically from tractor cabin, high capacity

Kverneland 85140 C - Trailed high capacity tedder

Carrier frame tedder with 13.3m working width.

Tedders, Trailed - Kverneland 8076CD - 8090CD Kverneland 8076CD - 8090CD, transport running gear, for low horsepower and small tractors

Kverneland 8076 CD - 8090 CD

Mounted tedders with transport running gear.

Working Widths of 7.60 and 9.00m.