Double Trailed Soil Packer

Soil packers are also called furrow presses. Single or double row rollers, they are pulled while ploughing. Positioned beside the plough, they re-consolidate the soil structure to keep the moisture needed for the optimum crop establishment. 

Kverneland soil packers suit different soils conditions. The Double row Packer (DP) is ideal for re-consolidating very light to medium soils.


  • environmentally friendly: mechanical weed control
  • time saving and cost efficient: reduced number of operations
  • best way to get an early germination
  • reduces problem associated to post-drilling droughts
  • more evenly packed than with a SP (Single Packer)
  • easy to release or hook at headlands via the Kverneland Packer arm
  • convertible in a Double Turn Around Packer (TP) by adding a crumbler roller
  • more compaction by choosing a 38 degree ring profile

Technical aspects:

  • 900mm rings, profile 38° or 50°
  • high-tensile axle with maintenance-free bearings (2 bearings up to 2,90 m,  4 bearings for bigger sizes)
  • pivot bolt for additional crumble roller
  • connection to 3-point linkage Cat. II
  • optional vertically adjustable pulling arms for reversible ploughs with damper system (from 2,10 m)
  • Hydraulic length-transport system
  • optional jerk chain for conventional ploughs
  • optional lightning kit