Kverneland 8460-8480

The Ideal Hay Making Tedders

Kverneland 8460 and 8480 are purpose build for hay making. Both models come with a strong package of features such as standard vibration dampers, strong V-shaped central unit and central adjustment for border tedding. They offer considerable operation capabilities with their combination of 6/8 rotors and 6.05/8.05m working width. The small roors are especially designed for optimized performance while producing dry hay.

The Advantages:

  • Low maintenance CompactLine gearbox with only one grease nipple.
  • Compact tedders with low weight and power requirements.
  • Standard fitted with vibration dampers and strong central unit.
  • HexaLink driveline on 8480 ensures compact folding.
  • Rotor plate dimension of 500m
  • Double bearings from pinion to crown wheel guarantee maximum longevity of the driveline.
  • Super-C tines with large spring coil diameter for added service life.
  • Easy setting of spreading angle through simple three-way adjustment of wheel height.

Technical Specifications:

Model Working Width Rotors/Tines Weight
8460 6.05m 6/5 680kg
8480 8.05m 8/5 950kg
8480 - Compact transport.
8480 - Compact transport.
8480 - Compact transport.
Kverneland 8460-8480
Kverneland 8460-8480
8480 - 8.05m working width.
8480 - 8.05m working width.
8480 - 8.05m working width.

Large Dimensions

  • The box type frame of the Kverneland 8000 series is an extremely solid construction. It is composed of two U-sections fitted into each other and securely welded together. The frame is totally enclosed at the top for maximum strength.
  • All tedders have greasable pivoting points with an extra large diameter, making it a very strong and reliable construction.
  • Made from flat steel, the tine arms form a very compact unit with the rotor plate. This makes the tedders by far more resistant to any type of load.

Regreasable pivot points

HexaLink Finger Clutch

Kverneland 8480 wit Compact Transport Width

  • Despite its´ 8.00m working width the Kverneland 8480 will fold into a very compact unit for transport, and will go below 3.00m transport width.
  • The two outer rotors are fitted with the new HexaLink finger clutch, a simple yet efficient drive system that permits these rotors to turn into a 180⁰ position for transport. The remaining rotors are driven by double universals joint, providing sturdy and efficient transfer of power

Spreading Angle

  • High-quality forage allows the optimum spreading angle to be achieved according to crop conditions, helping you to produce high quality forage.
  • Setting the rotors to the right spreading angle will considerably improve the spreading action, and speed up the drying process.
  • The mower swaths are neatly lifted by the tines and evenly spread over the full width.
  • Tines glide in a more uniform frequency over the stubble, so the risk of dirt being lifted by the tines is minimized.

Easy setting of spreading angle without the use of tools.

The angle can be set in 3 positions.