Kverneland CTC Cultivator

Cultivation from deep to shallow

For todays modern farms the demands for cultivation have changed. Tight time slots have to be balanced with higher machine performance. Restricted crop rotations call for an adaption in techniques that accomplish all requirements of modern crop cultivation. Kverneland proposes different configurations depending on the conditions of use, but also the power ability:

The CTC has a well-organised tine arrangement over 3 or 4 tine rows. The capacity with long residues has really been a focus during the design process ensuring optimum mixing and intensive cultivation. The row distance varies between 270mm and 200mm; the tine position has been optimised to ensure a smooth soil flow across the entire working width but also around the transport wheels.

• CTC with 3 tine rows and 270mm tine spacing
• CTC with 4 tine rows and 200mm tine spacing


  • Complete cutting
  • Perfect mixing & levelling
  • Low pulling force needed
  • Wide range of rollers
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Versatile from shallow to medium
  • Large performance by high speed
  • Stone protection

Model Working width No. of tines Min./Max. HP
CTC 427  4.0m 15 (spacing 270mm)  145 / 300
CTC 420 4.0m 19 (spacing 200mm) 145 / 300
CTC 527  5.0m 17 (spacing 270mm)  175 / 350
CTC 520 5.0m 23 (spacing 200mm) 175 / 350
CTC 627  6.0m 21 (spacing 270mm) 205 / 400
CTC 620  6.0m 29 (spacing 200mm) 205 / 400

CTC - Frame

  • The CTC can be equipped with 3 rows of tines (spacing 270mm) and front working discs or with 4 rows of tines (spacing 200mm) ensuring optimum mixing and intensive cultivation.
  • A maximum working depth of 30cm is possible
  • The wing shares, when fitted, ensure that the entire working width of the machine is cultivated even when the machine is adjusted for shallow work.
  • The high inter-row clearance up to a maximum of 150cm and the underbeam clearance of 87cm ensure blockage-free operation under any conditions.
  • The outer wings are pre-loaded by hydraulic accumulators and can be adjusted to suit the various field conditions

CTC - Tines and Shares

Triflex 700: High stability at deep operations

The auto-reset Triflex tine uses the well-known Kverneland leaf spring system to ensure a high point pressure of 700kg in work and a smooth release curve when the tine hits an obstacle. The Triflex tine with narrow design and special shape reduces the pulling forces while ensuring a perfect penetration in most compacted soil. It is the perfect choice for deep loosening and working on heavier soil types strewn with stones.

The Triflex 700 tine can be equipped with different shares to adapt to different working depths and tasks. 7 types of share equipments are available with the patented Knock-on® system. It is the easiest way of changing parts on a cultivator, either to adapt the machine to the job to be done or to change wearing parts.

The new 70mm Tiger 2 is available on CTC. The special design ensures progressive and high penetration and requires low pulling force. The special shape of the carbide plate resist against aggressive stony conditions. All points are also available with Knock-on® deflectors. 

Click here for further details on the Knock-on® system. 

CTC - Front disc system

For the CTC 3 rows, Kverneland has developed a front disc system to cut or incorporate crop residues in front of the cultivator tines.

The disc system has a centralized hydraulic depth adjustment with master slave cylinder system and individual rubber disc protection. This overload system allows the disc to follow the ground contour very well.
As the working depth of the disc section is limited to 5cm, the required pulling force is insignificantly low.

Front Mixing Disc (FMD)

The front mixing disc (FMD) option is the ideal equipment that avoid any boiling effect in front of the tines especially with short wheat straw. The FMD system has notched hollow discs which are ideal when working in high amounts of crop residues. The FMD system pre-mixes any straw standing on the top of the stubble to ensure thorough mixing by the stubbling tines for improved incorporation. The adjustment of the pressure can be done on the move from the cab hydraulically.

Front Cutting Disc (FCD)

The FCD system has notched straight discs which are mounted in front of the first row of tines. The FCD system is ideal when working in maize straw for example, where the disc is cutting the straw directly in front of the tines. The straw is cut to improve the flow of material and prevent the machine from blocking. 

CTC - Rear Accessories

There is a full range of levelling equipment and rear rollers available for CTC

Levelling discs:

  • Rubber spring loaded, to follow the ground and protect against stones
  • Border discs as standard

Levelling tines

  • Good levelling capacity and good following of the ground contour

Combi disc harrow:

  • Combination of a single disc gang with all roller type
  • Hydraulic depth adjustment by spacers
  • Adjustable angle depending of the mixing intensity required

Cage roller Ø 550mm - 90kg/m

  • 10 bars for a good loading  capacity and operation in wet conditions
  • Effective crumbling action

Double cage roller Ø 400mm (tube/flat) - 160 kg/m

  • Good crumbling
  • Precise depth control

Actipack Ø 560mm - 205kg/m

  • The Kverneland Actipack roller displays its superb working qualities especially on medium to heavy soils and also in wet, stony and sticky conditions thanks to the independent skids and knives.
  • The cutting discs break the larger clods whilst the adjustable knives cut the remaining clods resulting in optimal clod breakdown and fine seedbed preparation

Actiring Ø 540mm - 160kg/m

  • The Actiring roller is a lighter variant of the Actipack, using the same frame structure and knife system.
  • The discs have been replaced by a “V” profile ring, this is saving 60kg/m, which is of critical importance for reducing lifting requirements for mounted equipment.
  • Actiring is not recommended in stony conditions

Actipress Twin Ø 565mm - 220kg/m without soil

  • U-profile for high carrying /rolling capacity in light soils
  • Clod breaking also in heavy conditions
  • High and homogenous consolidation
  • Weight when full of soil: 250kg/m