Kverneland TLG

Optimum seedbed preparation for sugar beets, potatoes and vegetables.

Seedbed preparation for maximum field emergence 

Seedbed preparation is a secondary cultivation process. For demanding crops with certain seed vitality and germinating properties, the seedbed will be of major importance and impact on an even field emergence and optimum crop development. The Kverneland seedbed cultivator TLG ensure a perfect seed layer with seed-to soil contact for access to capillary water from deeper soil layers. The seed coverage, on the other hand, requires a weatherproof crumbled and uniform reconsolidated seedbed.

Ideally, seedbed preparation should not be deeper than the sowing depth. Structural weaknesses of the soil must be improved in many places by deeper processing, but should be avoided in wet conditions and heavier soils because it would be fatal. The goal is to reduce the number of passes as much as possible to maintain soil aggregates and to ensure uniform consolidation.

The TLG consists of four working zones: the robust levelling board in the front, an effective cage roller for depth control, four rows of effective S-tines and a finger harrow or a single or double roller at the rear. This combination makes the TLG an ideal cultivator for the preparation of a very firm, levelled and fine seedbed. The flexible "bolt-on" principle allows changing the position of the cage roller from the front to in between the tine sections. Available working widths: 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0m.

The Advantages:

  • Seed bed preparation from 4.0 to 6.0m
  • Well adapted to seedbed preparation for maize, sugar beet, potatoes and vegetables
  • Precise depth control with tube roller
  • Infinite screw adjustment for easy and fast setting
  • Tines working angle adjustable from 50 to 90°
  • Frame made of 3 sections to follow ground contours

Model Working width (m) Weight (kg) Min. Power requirement (kW/HP)
TLG 400 4.0 1880 65/90
TLG 500 5.0 2345 85/120
TLG 600 6.0 2590 100/140

Zone 1 - Levelling

For the first working zone "levelling" there are two different options available:

  • A straight levelling board adjustable by pin.
  • Clod Board: robust and very effective for the breaking of clods. It is manually adjusted or by hydraulics from the tractor seat.

Both the levelling board and the Clod Board are designed in three sections to better follow the ground contours.

Zone 2 - Depth Control

  • The cage roller is fitted in the front, directly following the levelling equipment, to ensure depth control. Due to this position in the front, the risk of soil building up on the roller is reduced.
  • The flexible "bolt-on" principle allows to move the cage roller from the front to in between the tine sections if required.

Zone 3 - Cultivating/Crushing

  • Four rows of effective tines giving optimum performance.
  • The first two rows of 45 x 10mm tines, have 250mm spacing to allow optimum soil flow, even under heavy and cloddy conditions.
  •  The second two rows of 32 x 10mm tines with 125mm pitch improve clod breaking and levelling.
  •  The tines are adjusted by crank. The angles of the front and rear tines can be adjusted.

Zone 4 - Crumbling/Consolidation

  • At the rear of the machine a finger harrow, a single or double roller is finishing the work.
  • The finger harrow can be rigid or spring-loaded.
  • Depending on the requirements, the Kverneland TLG can be equipped with a single or double roller or with a combination of a standard roller and a crosskill.
  • All giving excellent packing and a nicely finished seedbed.