Kverneland a-drill

Pneumatic seeder integrated on cultivator or seed drill for the simultaneous application of cover crops or an extra sort of seeds/fertiliser

The Kverneland a-drill has been designed to ensure a rapid implementation of cover crop during stubble operation at minimum costs.

Moreover, Kverneland has extended the scope of application and offers the option to integrate the a-drill also onto the range of power harrow mounted seed drills, e-drill compact, e-drill maxi and e-drill maxi plus. In this combination the a-drill will allow applying an addditional sort of seeds/fertilser all in one pass.

Two a-drill models are available depending on the seed rate/ha and the output of the machine: a-drill 200 and 500 litres.

Both models have 8 outlets which will spread the flow of seeds uniformly over the working width. In addition, they can also be used for establishing rape or a mix of different diameters seeds (leguminous plant, crucifers, ...).

The Advantages:

  • Precision and high work output  
  • Seed rate can be adjusted from the cab, even during work
  • Economical crop establishment
  • Secure access via loading platform - CE conform - and individually adjusted to the soil preparation implement on which it is mounted
  • Two different control boxes (standard and speed regulation)
  • Fans adapted to seeds, working speed and width
  • Seed metering rotors for all conditions

Technical Specifications

  Hopper capacity Hopper Weight w/o stairs & guards
a-drill 200 200 litres translucent plastic hopper 110kg
a-drill 500 500 litres translucent plastic hopper 153kg