New U-drill

Kverneland Ireland Launch the New U-drill

Kverneland Group Ireland recently launched their new U-drill in Thomastown in Co. Kilkenny based on the Accord System. I spoke to John Colgan, the Kverneland Demonstrator for the lowdown on this impressive machine, fitted with the RTK satellite info / mapping system.

This U-drill is a new machine with a six meter sowing width on this Irish demonstration machine. Weighing in at 8140 kg - it has a massive hopper holding 4350 Litres. However, even with these specifications, it looks tidy in operation. (Other sowing widths will be available on production models)

The U-drill has been many years in the making, with various design concepts being tried before this final version emerged from the drawing board. The U-drill has been designed for multi seeding- it’s a machine for conventional or mulch seeding, capable of operating at speeds between 10 and 18 kph. It’s expected to sell to farmers / contractors sowing between 200 and 5000 hectares annually.

Brief Description:

Chassis and Soil Elements

  • Front Drawbar-simple bolted to chassis-giving a full 90 degree turning angle.
  • Modular lightweight frame construction to which all working components are attached.
  • Front Rubber Packers- nine BIG 800 mm tyres crush any clods and level the soil, paving the way for perfect depth control of the seed. (These can be lifted if not required by a simple click on the terminal in the cab). Two spring loaded track eradicators remove the tractor wheelings. Together these cover the full 6 m working width of the machine.
  • Two rows of concaved scalloped discs, diameter 460 mm, spaced at 12.5 cm, prepare the seedbed. Front and rear gangs are fully adjustable from the cab to suit varying conditions..
  • To ensure a perfect depth of seedbed the third element is now introduced-a staggered row of twelve 900 mm tyres, two of which are braked for road transport. These also cover the entire 6 m working width.
  • Next comes the 410 mm CD double disc steel coulters (48 in all) effectively 2 rows, with an inter-row stagger of 12.5 cm - capable of up to 100 kg pressure if required- adjustable from the cab. They are also slightly offset and of a simple slim configuration, placing the grain into a seedbed with super seed to soil characteristics. The discs are fitted with integrated press wheels (380 x 50 mm). Depth control can be controlled and set down to a max of 13 cm.
  • Covering harrow –a selection of types offered to suit various markets and soil conditions.

Metering and Calibration.
The U- drill uses the well known Accord air system transferring the seed from two metering devices - located at the side of the machine for easy calibration. The fan is driven hydraulically and is fitted with a speed sensor. Two distribution heads distribute the seed onwards to the seed coulters, with half width sowing, being standard.

Control Systems.
The U-drill is fully ISOBUS compatible, enabling it to be operated from most tractors’ own control system, but comes with its own box if the tractor is an older type. The machine requires only one single acting and one double acting hydraulic supply.

The U-drill is equipped with Real Time Kinematic (RTK) satellite navigation. This is a system used to enhance the precision of position data derived from satellite-based information, used in conjunction with GPS and other systems. It uses measurements of the phase of the signal′s carrier-wave, rather than the information content of the signal, and relies on a single reference station to provide real-time corrections, providing up to centimetre -level accuracy.

The on board tractor system communicates with the supplied base station, already in satellite contact, providing a very accurate position of the machine in the field. When coupled to the tractors control system, the steering function for example, can now be handled automatically.

The system automatically stops the seeding at the same point on the headland each time and allows the user to sow the headlands later with equal accuracy.

The large screen provided with the U-drill allows for most adjustments to be carried out on the move. The flow of grain along the feed pipes is monitored for example and if different soil conditions require an easing of one element this also can be carried out from the cab.

A range of different sowing widths will be offered on production models as will the possibility of using the U-drill as a combined seed and fertiliser drill.

We call this the fully furnished drill - even if we offer even more options such as air brakes, various marker systems (you don’t need them with RTK), or a longer drawbar for twin wheels.

For pricing, availability and where you can see the machine working, contact Kverneland Ireland direct at 056 7751597 or for more info and pictures see the brochure on this website.



John Colgan