Kverneland 94125 C - 95130 C

Four rotor CompactLine and ProLine rakes 

10.00-12.50m adjustable working width

The Kverneland 94125 C and 95130 C are targeted at making lighter work of tough and demanding operations. With impressive capacity of 12.50m working width, straightforward design and the possibility to adjust both work and swath width, they are designed to boost the complete process of collection and pick-up, altering to the changing crop intensity during the season. The Kverneland 12.5m 4-rotor rake is offered with a choice of either ProLine or CompactLine gearbox. Both machines are similar in construction.

For heavy-duty use, the Kverneland 95130 C ProLine machine has been developed.

The Advantages:

  • High capacity four-rotor rake with 12.50m working width.
  • Hydraulic adjustment of working width - can be set between 10 and 12.50m and swath width between 1.20-2.20m
  • Enhanced headland management with the adjustable time delay between the front and rear rotors.
  • Highly manoeuvrable – will do sharp turns up to 80⁰.
  • 4.00m transport height, even with all tine arms mounted.
  • Easy and intuitive control function.
  • Maintenance-free TerraLink Quattro rotor suspension system.

Technical Specifications:

  Working Width Tine Arms Weight
94125 C 10.00-12.50m 4x12 4250kg
95130 C 10.00-12.50m 4x12 4700kg