Prestige 3024 SCR

Prestige 3024 takes you into the XXL class of mixing capacity!

24m³ and 30m³ versions available

The Prestige 3024 range will take you into the XXL class of mixing capacity. Powerful driveline, 2 steered axles for high maneuverability and 2 or 3 augers raise the bar on capacity and performance. The impressive 210kW (286hp) Turbo diesel engine provides sufficient power. 24m³ and 30m³ versions are available.

Carefully formulated feed rations with a perfect homogenous mix plus an ideal feed structure ensure you get the best yield from your animals. In addition you offer your animals the best possible welfare. One machine and one operator. Consider the traditional feed mixer set-up: one tractor and trailed feed mixer, plus a second loading tractor. The machine investment alone is interesting - plus the reduced maintenance costs! With a wide choice of additional options you have the possibilities to tailor make the machine so it suits your needs.

The Advantages:

  • 24m³ versions with 2 augers.
  • 30m³ versions with 3 augers.
  • New common rail SCR engine technology.
  • Powerfull driveline and engine of 210kW (286hp).
  • 2 steered axles for good manoeuvrability and flexibility around the farm.
  • Deluxe cabin for operator comfort.
  • Hydrostatic control.
  • Two cameras for excellent overview.

Technical Specifications:

Prestige 3024 Engine (kW/hp) Lenght (m) Width (m) Height (m)
24m³ 210/286 9.34 2.55 3.40
30m³ 210/286 10.60 2.55 3.40