Duo Models

Duo models 12m³, 13m³, 14m³, 16m³, 18m³, 20m³, 22m³, 24m³, 26m³, 28m³, 36m³, 40m³ and 45m³

Duo models with 2 or 3 vertical augers - suitable for high payload and in various configurationsm they adapt perfectly to the farm´s demands.

With the 2 or 3 Turbo Augers, Duo models are high volume, high capacity machines suited to large herds, even when transporting material large distances. Models 12-28m3 feature 2 vertical augers and models 36-45m3 have 3 vertical augers. The heavy duty transmission is designed for long-life under heavy usage situations - twin or triple gearboxes with continuous drive reduce drive shaft problems and 2-speed gearbox as standard to match auger speed and cutting/mixing/discharge process. The unique box frame carries 6 load cells and a strong axle suspension. Tridem axles (standard on 40m³ and 45m³ models) with two steering units provide maximum payload and safe operation with low wear on tires and machine. Suited for herds of any size.

The Advantages:

  • 12-28m³ versions with 2 augers  and 36-45m³ versions with 3 augers.
  • 80 to 250 cows per hopper filling high capacity models.
  • Turbo Auger ensures rapid and even mix of the feed ration.
  • Highly accurate weighing system.
  • Wide choice of discharge options
  • Optional with straw blower (Duo 16 and 18)
  • Heavy duty transmission with 2-speed gearbox.
  • Choice of multiple discharge doors or cross-conveyor

Technical Specifications:

Model Capacity Model Capacity
Duo 12 12m³ Duo 22 22m³
Duo 13 13m³ Duo 24 24m³
Duo 14 14m³ Duo 26 26m³
Duo 14-T 14m³ Duo 28 28m³
Duo 16 16m³ Duo 36 36m³
Duo 18 18m³ Duo 40 40m³
Duo 18-T 18m³ Duo 45 45m³
Duo 20 20m³