Diet Feeders Vertical Augers

Vertical Single Auger Diet Feeders

Compact Models

Compact 7m³, 8m³, 9m³, 10m³, 12m³ and 14m³

Diet Feeders, Vertical, Twin Augers and Tripple Augers

TrailedLine Classic Duo

Hopper capacities from 12m³ to 25m³

TrailedLine 4.0 Premium

Hopper capacities from 14 m³ to 30 m³ with 2 mixing augers

Duo Models

Duo models 12m³, 13m³, 14m³, 16m³, 18m³, 20m³, 22m³, 24m³, 26m³, 28m³, 36m³, 40m³ and 45m³

New Generation Duo 1814 - 2218 - 3022

The New Generation Duo models 14m³, 16m³ 18m³, 20m³, 22m³, 26m³ and 30m³

Self-propelled Models

Prestige 2016 SCR

A step up in power and capacity - longer milling head and more powerful engine.

15m³, 18m³ and 20m³ versions available.

Prestige 3024 SCR

Prestige 3024 takes you into the XXL class of mixing capacity!

24m³ and 30m³ versions available

Prestige 1612 SCR

Low height and compact design makes the Prestige 1612 SCR the ideal soluton for narrow and low buildings

12m³ - 13m³ - 16m³ versions available.